Dear visitor,

Announcement, October 24th 2014

You are kindly informed of some changes:

  • From October 27th till 30th doctor  Helena Andrenšek,  MD, will be the substitute doctor.
  • On Wednesday October 29th in Ambulanta Kus will be present only nurse for administrative issues.
    In case of emergency, please, call 112 or contact SNMP - Urgentni blok Klinicnega centra (Ljubljana, Bohoriceva ulica 4).

We thank you for understanding.

With best wishes and regards

Primož Kus, MD

Web Gallery - Arne Hodalič, Emona and Ljubljanica


The photographic exhibition of an outstanding Slovene photographer Arne Hodalič in our clinic is joining the citywide celebration of the 2000th anniversary of Emona, the first urban settlement in the area of today's Ljubljana. The presented works - "the Mysterious Ljubljanica on the pages of National Geographic" -  are part of the January 2007 issue of the National Geographic magazine where an article on archaeological sites in the Ljubljanica River was published. National Geographic was first published in 1888 and since that time it has been read by more than 40 million readers all over the world.

More information about photographer Arne Hodalič and other accompanying events of  "Emona MM".